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When it comes to financial planning, analyzing the numbers is only a fraction of the puzzle. What are your goals, dreams, and aspirations, and how can you reach them? Lyle Weintraub, CFP®, takes a relational approach to financial planning and wealth management. Our team, led by Lyle, believes that a successful financial plan begins with listening and understanding.

With decades of experience, Lyle has created a respected methodology that captures every detail you provide. As a wealth management advisor affiliated with Bleakley Financial Group, an independent financial planning firm, Lyle Weintraub offers advice and recommends products that benefit you, not an institution. 

When you choose us for financial planning and wealth management in Fairfield, NJ, you’ll receive a partner dedicated to helping you live the life of your dreams without limits. We’re ready to listen – schedule a conversation today. Our firm is minutes from Manhattan, serving clients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and nationwide.

What We Do

First and foremost, our team prioritizes you as an individual. We seek to form a long-lasting, trusting relationship. It’s our goal to ensure you’re 100% comfortable – before we discuss numbers, we discuss life. 

Financial Planning

When you first meet with us, we spend time understanding and gaining insight into your entire financial picture. Then, we analyze your entire portfolio – 401(k), insurance, tax information, and more – and compile all findings into an itemized report.

Our in-depth discovery process aims to uncover how we can best maximize your wealth and ensure your finances align with your dream lifestyle. With Lyle Weintraub, CFP®, you’ll never be in the dark about your financial plan – gain full transparency with our E-Money online portal.

Investment Planning

Once we know you, discover how you define wealth, and create your financial plan, we move forward into personalized investment strategies. We never recommend products that don’t suit you – instead, we advise on ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, separate accounts, and sophisticated tax strategies designed to help you pursue financial independence and uphold your goals.

An investment planning strategy is only successful when it supports your dream life. Lyle and our in-house team of Bleakley-supported Portfolio and Money Managers create and manage investment plans, making adjustments when necessary to help you receive the maximum benefit.

Retirement Planning

Retirement looks different for everyone – some may want to leave the workforce at 50 and travel the world, while others would rather work until their body no longer allows. However you picture retirement life, we can confidently get you there.

We’ll formulate an individualized transition plan utilizing psychological and financial insights. Our team focuses on fund distribution through tax-efficient strategies so you can withdraw your money with the highest financial confidence. Whether you want to purchase a vacation home, install a swimming pool, or visit a foreign country, Lyle and our team will plan your future with your best interest in mind and help you live your life wealthfully.

Wealth Management

Financial planning and wealth management work together to fulfill your objectives. Lyle and our team identify what’s most important to you and create personalized plans.

Our team places heavy emphasis on low-expense, low-tax strategies. We’re not here to promote the “bright and shiny new product” – instead, we hone in on the most efficient way to manage wealth. We offer total wealth management, so you can always feel confident about the status of your accounts.

Why Choose Lyle Weintraub, CFP®?

You’ll receive hassle-free, relationship-focused advice when you choose Lyle Weintraub, CFP®, for your financial planning and wealth management in Essex County, NJ. Our office is minutes from Manhattan, and we serve clients nationwide. You can be confident that through our sound financial planning process, your custom strategy can help you meet your goals.

Since 1993, Lyle has been committed to his clients and their financial objectives. His 13-year average client tenure stresses his dedication to you first and your finances second. Support from Bleakley Financial Group grants you additional confidence and resources that ensure you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

Choosing the right wealth manager and financial advisor is vital – let us demonstrate what we believe sets us apart.

Get Started with Financial Planning and Wealth Management in Essex County, NJ & Beyond

We understand that you have several pieces of a financial jigsaw puzzle, be it a mortgage, investments, insurance policies, or college funds. We aim to help you put all the pieces together, creating the complete picture of wealth. When you partner with us, our goal is for you to have a not-so-typical financial advisory and planning experience.

Let’s work together to change the way you view wealth and life. Get started with experienced financial planning and wealth management in Essex County, NJ, and begin your journey to Living Wealthfully. We serve clients throughout the tri-state area, including New York City, Westchester County, NY, Westport, CT, and Bergen County, NJ, and nationwide.