About Our Wealth Manager & Financial Advisor

“I really care about doing a fantastic job.”

Lyle is a people person who cares deeply for his clients and their families. As a wealth manager and financial advisor, he has been making a difference in people’s lives since 1993 by providing a level of service that creates meaningful, long term relationships with his clients. He takes the time to understand what is truly important to his clients, from their aspirations to their goals and intentions, before integrating them into their financial plan. Because of this approach, he is able to help clients work towards financial confidence and is committed to acting in their best interest, which aims to ensure that their financial plan will continue to align with their goals.

Quick Facts


Families that Lyle manages their finances

Est. 1988

Lyle has three decades experience as a wealth manager and financial advisor 

Bachelor of Arts at what I think is the greatest school

1 %

Client retention with an average tenure of 13 years

*As of 01.31.23

Plan on a plan that’s different.


Before we start talking about money, we talk about life. I want to start the relationship knowing everything I can about you. And, want you to feel 100% comfortable with me.


Here, we dig deep, and I ask a lot of questions. I want to know what you really desire. The more information we have, the more we can create something that’s truly specific for you.


Our team looks over all your data and information from every possible angle. And we come back with a perspective and insights you haven’t found anywhere else.


The fun part. We present our plan in a simple, human way. After some feedback from you, this plan becomes the backbone for everything.


Here is where we execute the strategies we choose for your financial growth and observe if the plan requires any adjustments over time.


During our relationship, we keep the dialogue going and check-in routinely. As new events develop in your life, you can rest assured we’re here for you.

We like to say our process is ReLyleable.

After decades of experience Lyle has refined a methodology of planning that represents your goals accurately. From the moment of your first conversation to the exacting implementation of your financial plan, every detail is both contemplated and incorporated.

Family is everything. Maybe that’s why I treat yours like mine.

Excited to marry Emily and form a beautiful blended family with her kids, Addison and Porter, Lyle resides in Mountain Lakes, NJ with his son, Quentin, his daughter, Mahala and their Cockapoo, Rosalita. In his free time, Lyle enjoys traveling, playing softball, reading U.S. Presidential biographies, and of course, the Yankees.

Things I love:

Yankees. They’re the greatest of all time, surely we can agree on that.

I’m a huge Bruce fan!

I’m fascinated with reading about presidents, especially Teddy Rooservelt

D-League All Stars. My softball team. I play outfield. Btw, we are looking for a shortstop.

I believe all kids have potential, even if they don’t have the means.

As a father, I want my children to feel confident as they navigate the academic and social challenges of life. This isn’t always easy with a child who has learning differences, like Dyslexia. That’s why I fund scholarships for The Winston School, which cultivates intellectual, social and emotional growth for students with language-based differences.

Easing a bit of the burden can help immensely.

I know that when your kid is sick, the last thing you want to do is think about work—let alone be at work. But some people don’t have that luxury. By helping support families who can’t afford to take time off, I hope to ease some of the financial stress so parents can give their all to their child.

I’m ready
to listen.

We’d love to hear from you.
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