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How do you define wealth? Is it large numbers on a spreadsheet? Or is it knowing you can travel wherever, whenever. Or, knowing that tuitions are paid in full. Or, sleeping peacefully at night, with no worry. How you define wealth is where we start. We listen carefully and create the plan for your life. We call it Living Wealthfully. It may not be what you’re used to from a financial planner, but it will change the way you see wealth, life and how you plan for both. Let’s talk – schedule a conversation with wealth management advisor Lyle Weintraub, CFP®.  Just minutes from Manhattan, we serve clients nationwide.

Advising starts with listening, not the other way around.

There are a ton of advisors out there that are good at the numbers. We think that’s simply a prerequisite of the job. What separates us and our team from the rest is listening, caring, customizing and dedication to service.

We believe that getting to know your family needs and building strong, open and honest relationships is the route to living wealthfully. And yes, we’re also very good at the numbers. 

" It’s not just math, It’s emotions "

– Lyle Weintraub

There’s no mathematical formula for happiness. Everyone’s financial security looks different. Our wealth management practice takes the time to learn what wealth means to you emotionally.  Someone might want to retire with $10M in the bank, but what they really want emotionally is that retirement home in Portugal. There’s no software that can do that. It comes from listening, experience and being human.

See your plan as clearly as you see your future.

You’re obviously good at what you do, but we know that you may not be an expert in  short and long term investment strategies, tax codes, estate planning and risk management. That’s why we take the time to make sure communication is clear. You know where you want to be. Now, you can clearly see how you’ll get there. 

Plan on a plan that’s different.


Before we start talking about money, we talk about life. I want to start the relationship knowing everything I can about you. And, want you to feel 100% comfortable with me.


Here, we dig deep, and I ask a lot of questions. I want to know what you really desire. The more information we have, the more we can create something that’s truly specific for you.


Our team looks over all your data and information from every possible angle. And we come back with a perspective and insights you haven’t found anywhere else.


The fun part. We present our plan in a simple, human way. After some feedback from you, this plan becomes the backbone for everything.


Here is where our wealth management advisors execute the strategies we choose for your financial growth and observe if the plan requires any adjustments over time.


During our relationship, we keep the dialogue going and check-in routinely. As new events develop in your life, you can rest assured we’re here for you.

We like to say our process is ReLyleable.

After decades of experience Lyle has refined a methodology of planning that represents your goals accurately. From the moment of your first conversation to the exacting implementation of your financial plan, every detail is both contemplated and incorporated.

From start to finish, our wealth management advisors have your back.

We’re proud of our growing team and their steadfast commitment to service. And, you’ll also be pleased to know that we are bolstered by the Bleakley Financial Group. This gives us the resources, freedom and flexibility to provide the service and products you deserve with objectivity, in an effort to recommend only what is best for your individual situation.

We go above and beyond. And then we go beyond that.

Many clients often say Lyle cares about their family like they’re his own. He and his team will relentlessly pursue the best possible outcome in every situation. Because when things don’t go according to plan, you need a strong voice and committed advisor serving your best interests.

We have the freedom to act independently.

Lyle Weintraub is an investment advisor representative, affiliated with Bleakley Financial Group, an independent financial planning firm. This means that we are free to make decisions and provide you with products and advice that are right for your family, not what’s for good for an institution. And you have the freedom to be transparent and pursue the life you want to live without boundaries.

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Being a part of the Bleakley team, we have countless resources at your disposal. From document review to life coaching to relevant articles, we’re dedicated to making certain you always have all the support you need.


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